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25 September 2012


Cause of ambivalence:
Women's Bathroom

Note contents:
"Dear Women's Bathroom,
I used to hate you so much.  But ever since I became a boy, I really miss you.  The men's bathroom really smells and no one really talks to one another.  Take me back? - Ambivalently Yours. "

Place left:
In the women's bathroom

They say a big part of transitioning genders is "the washroom test".  And it is... for sure!! But once you've passed it (no pun intended), you're stuck there.  For good.  Now, I definitely wouldn't say I loved the woman's washroom.  In fact, my presence in there was often questioned and laughed at.  But I still had my share of fun.  I'd go in with friends, we'd talk, we'd slip unmentionables under doors, we'd giggle... wait... I don't think that last one's true.  But now I'm trapped in the boys' bathroom.  The room school girls look at with wonder (and I was one of them!).  But let me tell you, I've solved that mystery and it's nothing special.  It's a magicless place where fun and socializing go to *read in MAN voice* "take care of business".  Get in, get out.  No "how do you do"... nothing.  And it smells.  So now my transitioning milestone has been made.  I'm a guy.  And no one questions it.  Except why do I always feel a tug in my heart when my girlfriends and I always have to part ways at the washroom door?  Why can't I just go in with them?  And why are we still so attached to those signs on the door?  - Ambivalently Yours

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