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11 March 2012


Cause of ambivalence:
Michael Jackson

Note (email) contents:
"Today I want to talk about MJ. I loved MJ when I was a kid he was such a cross dressing hero of mine. I dressed up like him a lot and had themed parties. Thriller was the theme album of our childhood- everyone I knew was into Thriller-- I mean its fucking Thriller! As the shades of MJ got strikingly less cool and more mutated I started to question my love of Thriller and MJ. I was still obsessed with him, but I watched him turn from adorbale black boy, to freaky faced white woman. I wondered a lot about MJ and what affect popular cutlure had on him, I mean does everyone want so badly to conform even the person that created Thriller? How is that possible? I know he had a really shakey childhood, that his father was an unholy asshole, but I wonder how much MJ is really a reflection of us and how screwed up American Pop culture is. I hate MJ because I hate what we collectively did to that person. I hate MJ because I don't like the way I look sometimes and think about changing it, I hate MJ because as much as I pretend to not care I deeply do, mostly I hate MJ because like most good things he just didn't last. What does that say about us? I mean Thriller come on nothing trumps it but nothing trumps what a weird person Michael Jackson became, and what it says about our society. "

Place left:
"I did not download the template cause I hate dealing with that sort of thing- I am not ambivalent about that I just hate it."

I recently received this email submission of ambivalence about Michael Jackson, and it brought up a lot of childhood memories for me.  I was also a huge fan of MJ as a kid... I was one of those toddlers that wore a sparkly glove and moonwalked and of course I LOVED Thriller!!  It really was a generation's anthem.  I have also felt very ambivalent about the evolution of MJ's fame, more so following his death that became, once again, a shameless example of American mass media turning a tormented person's life into a nation's tragedy without accepting any of the responsibility for it.  The price of fame in North America seems so high, and it is heartbreaking to see what it can do to certain people.  The whole thing is bizarre, disturbing and very sad.

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