❤ I can't always make up my mind, but I am boldly undecided. ❤

3 January 2012


Cause of ambivalence:
Jess (or maybe love, relationships, and/or all those things that make staying together so difficult...)

Note contents:
“Dear Jess, I go back and forth about a million times per day whether or not to stick it out or give up. Blergh.  Ambivalently Yours. ❤”

Place left:

This heart-shaped note was sent to me by a lady who's tumblr I love to scroll through on a daily basis.  While I don't know the exact circumstances that caused this acknowledgement of ambivalence, I can certainly relate to the back and forth of it all.  Ambivalence can be a confusing and exhausting place.

What I have learned from my own ambivalence is that feelings are always in motion.  I have come to accept that the way I feel about people never stands still and that love doesn't necessarily have to be a static thing, it can be an on-going conversation, a constant back and forth.  Hollywood romantic comedies teach women to follow their hearts, but hearts can be fickle and easily blinded.  There is a great deal of value in using our heads too, and letting both heart and head duke it out from time to time.  I think the trick is to try to pay attention to the feelings that come up more often, the ones that stay around the longest, the ones that are based on real things rather than overactive imaginations or romantic fantasies.

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