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11 October 2011


Cause of ambivalence:
Chabanel - The fashion district

Note contents:
"Dear Chabanel,
We’ve had many great years together, but you were never that good to me, and a year later, I still don’t miss you. ❤"

Place left:
On Chabanel Street

During the last six years, I have worked for four different fashion companies, three of which were all within a two-block radius from each other, in Montreal’s fashion district, located around Chabanel street. Don’t be fooled by the terms “fashion district,” there is nothing glamorous about this area of town, which is comprised mainly of out of business textile factories that, having lost the price war against the Asian market, now house small to large scale fashion design houses. The Chabanel area, as it is often called, may just be the ugliest part of the city, yet it is filled with the most well-clad men and women, who strut their way to the top end of St-Laurent street and spend their days working in a field that is notoriously high stress, underpaid, unfair, and demanding.

Last month marked not only the one-year anniversary of my departure from a particularly oppressive workplace, but also the resignation of my last close friend who still worked there. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have made it out alive had it not been for all of the amazing men and women I have worked with over the years. Our ability to join forces against our tyrannical employers became our biggest ally, proving the power that come from friendship and communication, rather than fierce competition.

To honor my dear friend’s new-found freedom, and to commemorate our survival (and the survival of many of our ex co-workers) in this crazy world we call the fashion industry, I created a series of handmade stickers that I posted all around the Chabanel Area. The words: “You’re beautiful and your boss is an asshole” are lyrics from the song TGIF by feminist band Le Tigre, which is the song I listened to when I left Chabanel for the last time, after quitting with my head held high. I hope that these lyrics, written in felt markers and pasted onto benches, bus stops and walls, can provide to others the same inspirations that they did to me.

Do you work on Chabanel, or in the fashion industry, or wherever? Do you hate your boss? Do you still work there? Did you leave? Either way, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Heey, I just wanted to say that you made my day,and I may only be 13 but my friend and I where struck by your really creative idea and you pretty much made our day by posting those "You're beautiful and your boss is an asshole" post-its, you are a really creative person. Thank you for brightning our day. -Destiny

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Destiny! You just made my day! And even though you "may only be 13" you have a voice that deserves to be heard! I encourage you to make your own stickers, and put your opinion out there! (And if you do, send pictures, I will post them on the blog!) ❤

  3. LOL I'm not beutifal but my boss is definatly an assehole.

  4. hello I just wanted to tell you that you're pretty fucking awesome...people like yourself are an inspiration to me. I love your purpose and your cause..I admire your courage because its hard sticking it to the man sometimes but hey its worth it! Anyway I'm your new fan so keep it up sister!
    P.S. I love the pink!!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments Vivien! I totally appreciate your encouragement!!!