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31 October 2011


Cause of ambivalence:
Sweatpants (and maybe, being a fashionable mother)

Note contents:
"Dear sweatpants,
I hate that you represent my complete abandon of all attempts at sartorial cool but darn if you aren't the best thing I can manage to pull on after a mere few hours of sleep.
xoxo New Mom
P.S. Sorry about the spit-up stains.
P.P.S. Thank you for your stretchy waistband"

Place left:
In the sweatpants

This note was forwarded to me by one of my co-workers and very dear friends, who is now on maternity leave from her job in the fashion industry. Since we are both ambitious women who also care a great deal about having a family, we have often discussed the pressures of trying to balance both. As women today, we are told that we can have it all, because apparently women and men have equal rights. Yet, while it is socially acceptable for men to have both a family and a career, the same combination is not as graciously offered to women. While no one wants to openly admit it, career women who decide to get married and/or have families are often written off as having lost their work ambition. If these women try to prove that their ambition is still intact, by excelling in their career despite their domestic life, they become thought of as bad wives or bad mothers. Meanwhile, women who choose to focus solely on their careers are seen as cold and empty individuals. The same goes for women who decide to focus solely on their families, which is seen as a complete lack of ambition all together. Therefore, women can’t really have both, yet having just one isn’t quite enough.

I believe that part of the struggle lies in how we dress; the uniforms we wear as women while we are trying to fit into these different roles. Being a closeted sweatpants enthusiast myself, I understand the constant push and pull between "sartorial cool" and ultimate comfort.  Yet as another friend (who is also a mother) recently mentioned to me, it is much more socially acceptable for a childless working girl such as myself to come home and slip into jogging pants than it is for a mom.  Something about the combination of being a mom and dressing comfortably seems to be the ultimate fashion faux pas.  All sartorial guilt aside though, jogging pants are pretty amazing.

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