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11 September 2011


Cause of ambivalence:
Atlantic City (my all-girl roadtrip destination)

Note contents:
"Dear Atlantic City, I love you because you are trashy, kitschy and fun, but the poo poo platter of weirdos and seniors can be somewhat overwhelming.❤ "

Place left:
Inside the Atlantic City Weekly newsstand.

Oh Atlantic City, what a place!  The boardwalk is lined with casinos, massage parlors, fortune tellers and t-shirt shops that display the latest pop-culture taglines.  It's a place that cultivates fantasy; where dreams can happen if lady luck decides to look your way!  It's fascinating to explore, and the junk food is to die for.
However, it was disconcerting to see little grannies spending their days poring their pensions into slot machines.  Also, as a young woman, in a sea of seniors, I found myself becoming the target of an over-enthusiastic ex-military man who felt the need to follow me around the casino and hit on me in an overtly aggressive way until I finally had to run away from him.  It was a reminder that no matter how independent we are, we are never 100% safe, which is extremely frustrating. 

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