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30 July 2011


Cause of ambivalence:
University (and maybe the task of learning within an educational system)

Note contents:
"Dear University,
You give me a safe space to learn, analyze and question... But I don't appreciate being made to feel that I must conform to neo liberal, individualistic and competitive expectations and "play the game" in order to succeed.  Sincerely Yours "

Place left:
In the University library

This note was forwarded to me by a dear friend of mine who has always been my role model of save-the-world-feminism (I mean that in a positive way.)  She is one of the people who made me want to go back to school so I too could expand my intellectual horizons.  I strongly believe that educating oneself is crucial to becoming a critically aware well-rounded person, however, like my friend, I have also ran into issues while pursing my education within a system that does not always practice what it preaches.  Needless to say, it can be disheartening.  Are there any real alternatives to "playing the game"?

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