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9 July 2011



Cause of ambivalence:
A pretty purple bra (and the whole concept of bra shopping)

Note contents:
"Dear bright purple bra, love the colour and the illusion of cleavage... but you would totally give me that horrible double boob effect if I wore you out. And the dressing room mirror made me look chubby. ❤"

Place left:
In the bra cup, before I put it back on the rack.


I like the idea of having fancy, bright colored undergarments. It feels kind of naughty and exiting to know that there is a blindingly colorful bra tucked under a somber, work-appropriate outfit. But I honestly hate bra shopping, mainly because bras (in my price range) never fit properly. Things start to bunch and bulge in all the wrong places, and soon enough I start longing for the flesh-toned grandma bras of large department stores. There has to be an easier way.

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